The Four Pillars of a Successful Paid Media Strategy

The Four Pillars of a Successful Paid Media Strategy

Experts from Clearbit and Omni Lab discuss the four pillars to drive massive returns on a paid media budget. From how to properly target, to content strategy, creative, and channels, they break down what is working and what you should stop doing right now.

45 MIN

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Colin White

Colin White

Director of Demand Generation at Clearbit

Jonathan Bland

Jonathan Bland

Co-Founder at Omni Lab Consulting

Apply proven, practical takeaways to your paid media strategy

Successful paid media strategies are like an onion – there’s a lot of layers. Creative is only a small piece of the puzzle, a skinny slice of the pie.

There are four foundational concepts you must address before you have an effective paid media strategy.

Clearbit’s Head of DG, Colin White, discusses those four concepts with Jonathan Bland, Co-Founder of Omni Lab Consulting – Jonathan sets up and oversees comprehensive paid media strategies for clients like Splash and Drata, so he’s learned a lot about what makes these frameworks successful.

Together, they offer practical examples for each concept: 1. Targeting & segmentation 2. Creative & content strategy 3. Channel distribution 4. Measurement

What to expect

Colin & Jonathan spend an hour providing quick-hit, practical takeaways that you can apply to your paid media strategy to drive results.

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