The Art and Science of B2B Performance Advertising

The Art and Science of B2B Performance Advertising

B2B advertising experts from Superside and Clearbit come together to explain the complicated world of performance advertising — and how B2B marketing teams need to balance the creative aspects with a measurable framework to increase revenue.

45 MIN

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Elisa Damasceno

Elisa Damasceno

Solutions Consultant at Clearbit

Andres Levinson

Andres Levinson

Growth Marketing Director at Superside

The intricate balance between creative and results

The world of B2B performance advertising is complicated.

For successful B2B advertising, you need to produce ads that drive engagement, curiosity, and satisfaction.

But you also need to drive business results by measuring and refining your ads for the most efficient spend to drive maximum revenue.

Then do it all at scale.

B2B advertising experts from Superside and Clearbit discuss practical tips & tricks to put out ads that support your brand, drive home messaging, and most importantly, move the needle.

Andres and Elisa cover:

  • Producing creative that’s right for your audience
  • Targeting your messages at the right stage
  • How to use data to inform your creative

What to expect

Andres and Elisa spend ~45 minutes discussing the importance of creating engaging ads for your target audience with a measured, scalable approach, followed by some Q&A.

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