Paid Advertising in a World of Rising Cost

Paid Advertising in a World of Rising Cost

Customer acquisition costs (CAC) are continuing to push higher and higher, and your boss needs to understand why. Come learn why the cost of paid advertising is rising and what you can do about it.

45 MIN

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Colin White

Colin White

Director of Demand Generation at Clearbit

Sidney Waterfall

Sidney Waterfall

VP of Demand Generation at Refine Labs

Rising costs and what great marketers are doing about it

Customer acquisition costs (CAC) continue to push higher. And you need a better answer for your boss than “inflation.”

It’s not that you’re a bad marketer. In reality, there are lots of macro trends driving up costs.

However, great marketers are actively trying to understand these rising costs and optimize their advertising channels like never before.

Now’s not the time to throw your hands up in defeat!

If you want the SparkNotes, you’re in luck.

Colin White and Sidney Waterfall run demand gen at Clearbit and Refine Labs, respectively, and they’ve been optimizing their paid channels to respond to rising costs for quite some time.

In this event, they cover:

  • Why demand for digital ads is outpacing available inventory
  • How to respond to worsening targeting power on ad platforms
  • Where to focus your go-to-market efforts for efficient spend

What to expect

Colin and Sidney spend ~45 minutes discussing the rising costs of acquisition and what you can do about it.

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