Nail and Scale Your Ad Spend

Nail and Scale Your Ad Spend

Taking any channel spend from $4,000 to $2,000,000 is no small feat. Learn how did just that in 2 years on youtube.

45 mins

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Or Hadar

Or Hadar

Online Marketing Lead at

Colin White

Colin White

Director of Demand Generation at Clearbit

Understand your buyer and experiment to keep scaling’s acquisition team are masters of nailing and scaling its paid program.

In two years they grew a small test investment in Youtube to a whopping $2m / month paid program.

How did they do it?

By testing, measuring, iterating, and building an in-house media agency.

Join Or Hadar from who will walk us through how they scaled their paid program to a massive investment in an awareness channel.

In this event, they cover:

  •’s approach to testing and iteration
  • How to deeply understand your user experience to optimize your advertising
  • How to take your creative team in-house to make it cost-effective

What to expect

Colin and Or spend 45 minutes discussing how to take an experimental approach to nail your ads strategy, and then scale it to the moon.

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