Modernize Your Lead Qualification

Modernize Your Lead Qualification

Let experts from LeanData and Clearbit show you how to right-size your lead qualification setup to make sure you're driving revenue efficiently.

45 MIN

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Don Otvos

Don Otvos

VP of Revenue Operations at LeanData

Jon Delich

Jon Delich

Head Of Revenue Operations at Clearbit

Colin White

Colin White

Director of Demand Generation at Clearbit

Right-sizing your lead scoring and routing

Sometimes things turn out perfectly when you follow the rules and go by the book.

You might’ve noticed lead qualification is completely missing from the shelf.

Having a too-complex system too early may burn resources, and a too-simple model can hold you back as you scale.

Another company’s “perfect” lead qualification system probably isn’t perfect for you. At Clearbit, we learned this firsthand. And our friends at LeanData work through new challenges with their clients every day.

Watch our on-demand webinar to see how you can right-size your lead qualification setup to make sure you're driving revenue efficiently.

You'll learn:

  • How to identify a qualification system that works best for your company
  • What data and tools you need to properly score and route leads
  • Common qualification obstacles/mistakes and how to overcome/avoid them
  • How to make sure your back-of-house systems work together smoothly

What to expect

Don and Jon spend about 60 minutes helping make sense of your lead qualification system and how to assess your needs going forward, followed by some Q&A.

Learn more!

Explore our Modern Guide to Lead Qualification — 11 chapters on how to build a B2B SaaS lead qualification system that drives revenue.

You'll find lead scoring and routing frameworks, tools, and best practices to fit your company's stage of growth.

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