Developing a PQL: The tools and techniques you need to accomplish it

Developing a PQL: The tools and techniques you need to accomplish it

Discover tools, frameworks, and other processes to help you implement PQLs at your company.

30 MIN

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Julie Beynon

Julie Beynon

Head of Analytics at Clearbit

Trevor Fox

Trevor Fox

Growth at Census

Jessica Zhang

Jessica Zhang

Data Scientist at Notion

PQLs (Product Qualified Leads) aren’t a new concept.

But they're often misunderstood, ill-defined, and shrouded in mystery with no real guidance to integrate them — until now.

Clearbit welcomes Census and one of our favorite customers, Notion, to dive deep into how to actually implement PQLs.

You’ll walk away knowing:

  • Considerations you need to make before implementing PQLs
  • How to layer firmographic and fit data onto your product data
  • Frameworks to score and create PQLs in SQL Models
  • How to make your PQLs and scoring system available to your CRM end users

What to expect

Experts from Census, Clearbit, and Notion spend about 50 minutes helping you understand how to implement and measure a PQL strategy, followed by Q&A.

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