B2B Performance Advertising in a Cookieless World

B2B Performance Advertising in a Cookieless World

Zoran Arsovski and Ian Maier discuss recent and upcoming changes to third-party cookies and the impact to B2B advertising on Facebook and Google.

54 MIN

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Zoran Arsovski

Zoran Arsovski

Chief Growth Officer at VertoDigital

Ian Maier

Ian Maier

Advertising General Manager at Clearbit

The New-World Guide to Facebook and Google Ads

iOS 14.5. Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP). Google going cookieless in 2022.

The advertising world is experiencing a major shake-up.

If you jump into any B2C advertising forum, you could scroll for hours and still see chatter on the topic. So far, B2B has been eerily quiet. But a cookieless world impacts all of us.

Unlike our B2C counterparts, a shift away from cookie-based conversion tracking presents an opportunity for B2B advertisers.

And it's an opportunity they can begin to seize right now.

Watch the recording to learn

  • How the loss of conversion data impacts B2B advertising efforts
  • How to protect your performance from iOS 14.5 and future cookie-killing changes
  • How using new data activation methods can actually improve lead quality and pipeline on Facebook and Google Ads

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