The Evolution to Paid Awareness Advertising

Move from demand *capture* to demand *creation* by expanding into a paid awareness strategy. Get a crash course on setting goals, getting buy-in, measuring success, and more.

45 minutes
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The Evolution to Paid Awareness Advertising


Colin White
Colin White
Head of Demand Generation at Clearbit
Andrew Breen
Andrew Breen
President at Outshine

Expanding from direct response to awareness strategies

If you’re like a lot of B2B companies, you probably started your foray into paid advertising with direct response, sending new leads directly to demo requests.

At first, these campaigns provided consistent results. But eventually, results stagnated and diminishing returns set in — even with increased spending.

Your ad program has evolved and it’s time for an awareness strategy.

Paid awareness campaigns are hard to measure, but the need to create new demand is real. Just don’t think of it as fluffy branding: you’ll need to set KPIs, track performance through to pipeline, and build valuable, engaging offers.

In our crash course all about awareness advertising, you’ll learn how to:

  • Move from demand capture to demand creation
  • Set awareness goals and and get executive buy-in
  • Measure the effectiveness of a paid awareness strategy
  • Build and launch effective awareness campaigns

What to expect

Colin and Andrew spend an hour discussing awareness strategy, execution, and measurement, followed by some Q&A.