Easily find and embed company logos

Our free logo API allows you to quickly lookup company logos using just their domain. It's as easy as typing in a URL.

  • Embed LogosNever load up an assets folder with logos again. Call the API directly from your HTML image tags to pull back all the logos you'll ever need.
  • PricingFree, with link attribution.
  • Open GraphMake sure your logo always stays current and correct by adding our new Open Graph logo tag to your source.

Embed logos

It's easy to use. Just add a IMG tag

<img src="//logo.clearbit.com/spotify.com">

You can even specify size (in pixels) and grayscale parameters, like:

<img src="//logo.clearbit.com/spotify.com?size=80&greyscale=true">


Using our Logo API is free with attribution. We require a link back to clearbit.com on any page the logo is displayed. Attribution must be legible and use at least a 12-point font.

<a href="https://clearbit.com">Logos provided by Clearbit</a>

Open Graph

Make your logo easily discoverable

Add the Logo meta tag to your HTML to make it easy for anyone access your logo. Logos you choose will take precedence in our response and will let everyone know which logo you want out in the world.

<meta property="og:logo" content="your_logo.png">

To specify a size, simply add a size attribute to the tag.
You can specify multiple logos of different sizes by adding multiple tags to your source code.

<meta property="og:logo" content="your_logo.png" size="120x120">

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