Clearbit release notes

May 21, 2024

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes

  • Fix: We addressed issues with the Filters on the Clearbit by HubSpot Visitors page. Notably, filter criteria on this page used to combine the Filter field with the intent settings from "Manage Intent Criteria." Going forward for new accounts, the default intent criteria has been changed to "Allow any path."

  • Fix: While implementing changes to enhance Audience performance, we unintentionally introduced a cutoff time frame that prevented monthly digests from functioning. This time frame setting has been corrected, and monthly digests should now be successfully delivered.

  • FYI: Customers who upgraded their Clearbit accounts from a previous free tier to Clearbit by HubSpot may notice enrichment credits being incorrectly consumed. This is due to differences in how Clearbit by HubSpot handles enrichment compared to past versions. Customers transitioning between tiers can reach out to Clearbit Support for help in setting up a new account.