Clearbit release notes

December 5, 2023

Sales Intelligence for HubSpot

Sales Intelligence for HubSpot

Clearbit is now part of the HubSpot family! This acquisition opens up new opportunities to help millions of organizations grow better. Find all the details here.

In line with this new chapter, we're extending a warm welcome to HubSpot customers to join the Clearbit community. To take advantage of our services, a HubSpot account will be required for new sign-ups. Learn more about signing up with HubSpot here.

Existing customers who signed up before December 4th, 2023 can continue to access their account using their email address and our new 'magic link' authentication flow.

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes

  • ​​Improvement: Upgraded our Salesforce integration to make API calls more efficient and effective.

  • Fix: Fixed a data display issue in CSV-imported audience reports.

  • Fix: Resolved accessibility problems with Batch reports.

  • Fix: Addressed an issue where certain automated tasks were not being generated correctly in Salesforce.

  • Improvement: Adapted our Segment integration to accommodate recent changes in Segment's Webhook destination functionality.

  • Improvement: Introduced a new feature for Prospector API users, allowing them to preview results without consuming their credits.