Clearbit release notes

November 14, 2023

New Simplified Sign In Flow

New Simplified Sign In Flow

One less password to remember! We’ve simplified the Clearbit sign in flow while making your account more secure. We’re introducing a new sign in flow that uses “magic links.” Using a shared login? No problem - as you already know, Clearbit doesn’t charge by the seat, so everyone on the team can have their own account. Read about these changes in more detail in our Help Center article

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes

  • Fix: Audiences and alerts were using delayed data due to a delay in website traffic entering the Clearbit Platform. This issue was resolved with no data loss, and the data for Audiences and Alerts were brought up to date. 

  • Fix: There was an interruption in the Watchlist API service that is now resolved.

  • Fix: Some of our Free Tier customers received an erroneous “over quota” message. This issue is now fixed and the message will no longer appear incorrectly.

  • Fix: We addressed an edge case where some customers were facing issues with Marketo forms not submitting when using form shortening with the Clearbit tag enabled. Changes have been made to allow Marketo's default field validation in this scenario, ensuring the forms can now be submitted successfully.