Clearbit release notes

October 24, 2023

New Consolidated Settings Page

New Consolidated Settings Page

We improved the discoverability of user, team, and API settings by consolidating them into a single Settings view. You can find these by going to the Clearbit Platform and selecting “Settings” from the main sidebar navigation. Usage can also be found under your team settings.

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes

  • Fix: We found an issue where last week’s free Visitor Report was missing data. Updated reports have been re-run and sent out to subscribers.

  • Fix: We found and fixed a bug that showed Salesforce enrichment was stuck in the “starting sync” stage when on the back end, enrichment was actually working.

  • Fix: We found a typo in the UI on the Usage page in the Clearbit Platform - that’s fixed now.

  • Fix: Uploading a file for Batch processing through the dialog box was not working, though dragging and dropping the file did work. We’ve fixed this issue so both methods result in the file getting processed correctly.

  • Fix: Clearbit Capture was displaying the wrong number of people for a Company Record. We found and fixed a recently-introduced issue with the filter not being properly applied.

  • Fix: We fixed a problem where a dropdown menu on the Audiences page was rendered in the wrong place in the page.  

  • Fix: The ActiveAt attribute was not getting populated in HubSpot records that were created after the mapping was added, despite the Clearbit back end having the relevant data. We implemented a fix that keeps this attribute in sync between the two systems.

  • Fix: The “Google has been disconnected” alert message was fixed to route to the correct place to resolve the connection error.