Clearbit release notes

October 10, 2023

Data Coverage Improvements

Data Coverage Improvements

We made a promise to be the best in B2B data, and our team has been hard at work doing just that. We’ve harnessed the power of Large Language Models to use AI to achieve even more improvements in our coverage of key data attributes. We now have greater than 99% coverage for the most enriched domains on our Platform for Company Description, Industry, Tags, as well as for standard industry classification frameworks like NAICS, SIC, and GICS. And we’re not done - stay tuned for huge improvements in other key attributes soon.

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes

  • Fix: Marketo forms were not submitting when specific adblockers were active. While this bug was previously fixed, an edge case caused it to resurface. Specifically, when a user copy/pasted an email and attempted to quickly submit a form on a slow connection, the form failed to submit. That edge case is now also resolved.

  • Fix: We resolved an issue where Salesforce synchronization status appeared to be stuck at 75% despite the backend synchronization having completed successfully. 

  • Fix: The Clearbit Created Time attribute was incorrectly being updated for records during backfills. We've now implemented a fix to ensure that this attribute is updated only when the record is initially ingested.