Clearbit release notes

September 26, 2023

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes

  • Fix: Due to a multi-region and multi-service AWS outage, we had delays in data processing between about 4:00pm Pacific Time on September 18th through about 4:00am Pacific Time on September 19th. Due to these underlying storage and network infrastructure issues, some data loss happened during the outage window. To better guard against future data loss, we have migrated part of our infrastructure to solutions with additional redundancy features and will continue to implement additional measures.

  • Fix: Addressed an issue in Selective Enrichment for Marketo where the 'add condition' function in sub-grouping was not functioning as expected.

  • Fix: Our UI has been updated to accurately reflect that the Marketo Integration only supports live enrichment.

  • Fix: We've fixed a problem in Selective Enrichment for Marketo related to Date Type fields, ensuring they now display the correct options.

  • Fix: We've fixed an issue where certain company names were being incorrectly set to the string "default."