Clearbit release notes

August 29, 2023

Public Company Data Improvements

Public Company Data Improvements

As part of our promise to be the best in B2B data, we've improved our coverage for employee count and revenue data for public companies and their subsidiaries by a whopping 50%!

We've achieved this by tapping into the power of Large Language Models, so we can use AI to provide you more accurate insights more quickly than anyone else in the industry.

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes

  • Alert: HubSpot added property validation rules, but has not yet provided a way to retrieve the rules via their API. This means that, if you add these validation rules, and Clearbit returns a value that doesn’t conform with the rule, enriched data would not be pushed back into the HubSport platform. We advise not using these validation rules until the ability to retrieve them is available. See this article for details from HubSpot.

  • Fix: Changed how Clearbit authenticates to customer Salesforce instances to reduce frequent disconnections, mitigating the need for customers to reconnect often.

  • Fix: Addressed an intermittent issue where alerts were not being sent to Slack unless the relevant Audience was viewed. 

  • Fix: Corrected an error that could cause CSV exports to get stuck.