Clearbit release notes

August 1, 2023

Introducing: Clearbit Status Trait

Introducing: Clearbit Status Trait

We just released a new system trait to help you better understand the outcome of a record’s enrichment compared against your field mappings. This status code is designed to help you create a more effective workflow by providing a clear outcome of Clearbit's attempt to find enrichment data that matches your field mappings.

The three possible code values for Clearbit Status are:

  • 200: Clearbit successfully found enrichment data corresponding to the field mappings. For example, the Company Name attribute was mapped and Clearbit successfully found data for that attribute.

  • 206: While Clearbit found enrichment data, it does not match the current field mappings. Building on the previous example, Clearbit found data for a record’s Company Name attribute, but this attribute was not mapped.

  • 404: Clearbit was unable to locate any enrichment data to match against the field mappings.

Using Clearbit Status provides a strategic advantage in managing your workflows. By integrating this status code as a trigger in Salesforce, HubSpot, or Marketo, you can streamline operations and automate specific actions effectively. This enables you to optimize your processes and make the most out of Clearbit's capabilities for your business success.

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes

  • Improvement: Added GICS 2020 and NAICS 2022 attributes - available in the Company details profile page, the Enrichment sync tab, in Batch enrichment, and in the API Documentation

  • Fix: Corrected an issue related to improperly formatted LinkedIn handles.

  • Fix: Addressed a sporadic issue with the Advertising Audience sync interval.

  • Fix: Resolved potential failures in Customer syncs while syncing certain objects with the Marketo integration.

  • Fix: Fixed an issue with Selective Enrichment to prevent enriched records from getting stuck in the "pending" state due to an error in logging.

  • Fix: Deleted selective enrichment filters are now invalidated right away.