Clearbit release notes

July 18, 2023

Clearbit Global Coverage

Clearbit Global Coverage

For the first time ever, we have true global coverage. Using a combination of our own proprietary data gathered during these last 7 years combined with the powers of Large Language Models – we can identify and enrich any company or contact, from any country, in any language. 

Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Spanish, French, and Mandarin language domains are all now perfectly enriched with English descriptions, industry categorizations, keywords tags, and every other Clearbit attribute. 

As a Clearbit customer, you’ll feel this most in Europe and Asia. Our EMEA and APAC coverage has expanded significantly; we’ve added coverage of 2.1M new EMEA companies (+30%) and 1.7M new APAC companies covered (+34%). 

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes

  • Improvement: We added 250 million new people to our enrichment database, and updated 500 million existing records, with a particular emphasis on improving our people data in APAC and EMEA. This update not only adds new records, but also enhances the existing data with corrected and additional attributes, resulting in better match rates overall and for specific attributes. 

  • Improvement: Customers subscribed to our new standard plan now have access to a graph that displays universal usage statistics.

  • Improvement: Created a comprehensive article on setting up SAML authentication with Azure to help customers with their configuration.

  • Fix: Fixed an issue with the Marketo integration that caused form shortening to fail due to ad blockers blocking the loading of Clearbit JS. As a result, forms were not being submitted.

  • Fix: Successfully resolved the issue of Clearbit Capture not correctly displaying user avatars.

  • Fix: Addressed a problem where changes made to field mappings were not being saved in the UI when using Selective Enrichment.

  • Fix: Resolved an intermittent issue related to HubSpot form shortening, which occurred during the initial page load.