Clearbit release notes

May 16, 2023

Announcing Enhancements to Clearbit Reveal API & Segment Integration

Announcing Enhancements to Clearbit Reveal API & Segment Integration

We've upgraded the Reveal API to help you better understand your anonymous web traffic. The updated API now includes information about visitor roles and seniority, as well as enhanced IP-based geographic information, allowing businesses to more effectively target buying groups at ideal companies.

In addition, we've boosted our Segment integration to return a confidence score and even more precise data about role and seniority. This means you can now gain more detailed insights into your website visitors, improving your targeting, personalization, and ultimately, your conversion rates.

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes

  • Improvement: Clearbit Connect Credit Program introduced, enabling users to take actions and gain more credits.

  • Improvement: Implemented data quality improvements, specifically targeting .edu domains.

  • Improvement: Implemented updates to improve the recency of Reveal data.

  • Fix: Rectified an issue with Platform Connections 'manage', which previously prompted to connect a new account instead of displaying the current connection.