Clearbit release notes

March 7, 2023

Connect 3.0 live in Chrome Store

Connect 3.0 live in Chrome Store

Clearbit Connect is a free Chrome extension that allows users to instantly find verified contacts in organizations that match their ICP.

How Connect 3.0 different from previous versions

The previous version of Connect was a Gmail extension only. Connect 3.0 sports an updated UI, has expanded to include web browsing, and most importantly, now offers ICP Checker to automatically identify right-fit companies for more efficient outbound.

Why teams choose Connect

  • Instant prioritization of right-fit companies: Clearbit Connect is the only Chrome prospecting extension that lets you set your ICP and automatically notifies you when landing on a company’s website that is the right fit.

  • Verified emails: An email is only as valuable as its deliverability. Clearbit Connect provides verified email addresses that increase response rates, meetings booked, and deals won.

Download Connect from the Chrome Store.

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes

  • Update: Improved destination delivery speed for Salesforce destination on Platform by changing data handling method.

  • Enhancement: Simplified opting in and out of using Connect's browser widget in settings.