Company Logo API

Clearbit's free Logo API is still available here in 2021 — and still completely free.

We never found anything that catered well to company logos. And yet there's a lot of clear use-cases ranging from setting an organization's default image on signup to pulling in logos next to job listings.

Clearbit Logo API

The API is incredibly simple, taking a company's domain and returning an image.


Behind the scenes we're using Clearbit's Company API, pulling images from lots of different sources such as Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, or the company's own site's meta links. We then resize and standardize the images, serving them up from a CDN.

Logo API example

Here's the API in action - an img tag containing the domain

<img src="">

Produces our logo:


You can also pass us the following optional query parameters.

Parameter Description
size integer Size of the image returned
format string Format of the default - either `png` or `jpg`
greyscale boolean Enables greyscaling

To specify a default image (for when we don't have logo handy) you can use the image's onerror event--we've put together an example here.

You can find more information in our documentation. If you have any suggestions for improvements or find an odd-looking logo please let us know.

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