Clearbit Subprocessors

A Subprocessor is a third party data processor utilized by Clearbit in the delivery of its Services as a processor to Customer, who has or potentially will have access to or will process Customer Data (personal data provided by Customer to Clearbit for querying) as part of Clearbit providing the Services to Customer. Clearbit engages different types of Subprocessors to perform various functions as explained in the tables below. Note that third party services linked to within the Services (e.g., Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Segment, etc ) are not considered Clearbit Subprocessors since Customer provides its own data to such services directly.

Process to Engage New Subprocessors

Prior to the addition or change of any Subprocessors listed herein, Clearbit will provide notice to Customer by updating this website not less than 30 days prior to the date on which the Subprocessor shall commence processing Customer Personal Data. It is Customer’s responsibility to check this website for changes. Customers may have the right to object to new Subprocessors as provided in their respective Agreements.

The following is an up-to-date list of the names and locations of Clearbit Subprocessors:

Infrastructure Subprocessors

Clearbit utilizes certain Cloud Service Providers to host the Services, to provide Clearbit with certain services related to the provisioning of the Services, including storing certain data relating to the Services. Please see the respective Cloud Service Provider’s website for more details on the Cloud Service Providers on which Clearbit offers its Services.

Entity Name Purpose Entity Country
Amazon Web Services Public Cloud Data Center United States
Google Cloud Platform Public Cloud Data Center United States

Service-specific Subprocessors

Clearbit works with the following sub-processors to provide specific functionality within the Services, and to provide the relevant functionality these Subprocessors may access Customer Query Data:

Entity Name Purpose Applicable Clearbit Services Entity Country
Elasticsearch Elasticsearch is a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine. Clearbit Services United States
FullStory FullStory is an application analytics platform that provides insight into how users interact with Clearbit Site and Services. Clearbit Services United States
Hotjar Hotjar is an application analytics platform that provide insight into how users interacts with Clearbit Site and Services. Clearbit Services United States
Mailgun Mailgun is a transactional email service to send, receive and track email communications. Clearbit Services United States
Mode Analytics Mode Analytics is a visual analytics engine designed for large datasets. Support Services United States
PagerDuty PagerDuty is used for real time application alert monitoring and incident escalation. Support Services United States
Sentry Sentry is a tool used to monitor application performance through error tracing. Support Services United States
Stitch Data Stitch Data is an ETL (Extract, transform load) tool to connect data warehouses. Clearbit Services United States
Zendesk Zendesk is a customer support ticketing solution to manage and automate routing of inbound support requests. Support Services United States

Updated as of July 2022