Your target audience deserves a targeted experience

Clearbit turns anonymous website visitors into company datasets that power smarter marketing and sales interactions.

Filter the noise of your web traffic to speak to your best prospects instead of every faceless impression. Identify and qualify leads automatically to open your window of conversion opportunity on the first visit.

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Understand who’s actually visiting your site

Diagnose how well your marketing campaigns are driving qualified traffic, even without form fills. See which companies visited your site and uncover valuable attribution data.

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27 seconds ago
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3 minutes ago
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Example website
Example website

Change your message based on industry, company size, location, tech stack or any company attribute.

Convert with custom content

Tailor your website experience for your most important visitors. Personalize based on company data so they see the most relevant headlines, CTAs, logos, case studies, logo, and more.

Send your best visitors down the best path

Customize the journey for prospects based on their level of qualification. Show "Contact Sales" to companies matching your SQL criteria — and a self-serve call-to-action to everyone else.

Visitor IP:

100+ employees

Uses Salesforce

Based in USA

In ICP Show sales CTA
Products Pricing About Talk to sales

Built for Enterprise

Welcome to Segment! Talk to us to get started.

Talk to sales


Visitor IP:

1-10 employees


Based in USA

Not ICP Show trial CTA
Products Pricing About Start a trial

Built for SMBs

Welcome to Segment! Sign up now to get started.

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Optimize how forms work on

Clearbit automatically appends the data so you don't have to ask for it. By removing form fields when Clearbit already has data, other users have seen a conversion rate increase of 160% on their forms.

Before Clearbit:


Request a demo

Request a demo

After Clearbit:


Request a demo

Request a demo

Pick up more productive conversations with proactive chat

Cut the chat chaos with more strategic chat interactions. Personalize your welcome message with over 45 company data points, only show your chatbot to qualified visitors — or both!
Example website
Mike Heller

Welcome Segment! Let me know if you have any questions on our products 🙂

Type your reply...

Supercharge your chat targeting with attributes like...

Company size

Only show chat to companies with 51-250 employees or more.

Technologies used

Target companies that use a technology you integrate with.

Business type

Send proactive chat messages to target companies that fit your ICP.

Add precision to your retargeting

Blasting your retargeting to all your visitors doesn’t make sense. Optimize your campaigns (and ad budget) by only retargeting qualified traffic with highly tailored ads. Quality of views beats out quantity.


There's a better way to grow.

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Create a Custom Audience

Include people who meet ALL of the following criteria:

1) Company tags (via Clearbit):

Technology Information Technology & Services Internet

2) Company technology (via Clearbit) contains:

google_apps customer_io aws_route_53 optimizely nginx segment recaptcha contentful bing_advertiser mad_kudu facebook_advertiser google_analytics hotjar

3) Company size (via Clearbit): 251-1000

4) Company industry (via Clearbit): Internet Software & Services


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Fast-track the best leads to sales

Notify account executives as soon as qualified prospects and named accounts visit in real-time.


@mary, your account Segment just visited our /pricing page. Here's some additional info:

Headquarters: CA, United States
Company size: 251-1000
Alexa Rank: 7255
Industry: Internet Software & Services

Open the Account in Salesforce or find contacts at Segment.

Go get them! 💰💰💰

Salesforce icon

Jen Hilton created the task:
New website visit from Segment

Assigned to: Mary Bloggs
Account: Segment

Segment just visited our /pricing page. They are now assigned to you. Here’s some additional info:

Headquarters: CA, United States
Company size: 251-1000
Alexa Rank: 7255
Industry: Internet Software & Services

Click here to prospect for Contacts at the Account.
Go get them! 💰💰💰

New email from Clearbit!
Subject Companies visiting not in Salesforce

Hi Mary,

Here is a list of companies who visited our pricing page today, but do not exist in Salesforce:

Atlassian Currently visiting
Segment 27 seconds ago
Clearbit 3 minutes ago

Please use Clearbit to find marketing executives at these companies and reach out. Best of luck! 💰💰💰


Starting sales conversations, earlier

See how Outreach uses Clearbit to boost marketing and sales efficiency and generate 2x as many qualified leads than generic retargeting.

Your customers, both anonymous and known, are talking to you through their interactions on your website. So don’t treat them just as a cookie or an impression. Understanding people and how they want to be treated will always prevail.

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