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Clearbit X combines all of your first-party data, and all of Clearbit’s proprietary third-party data, in a state-of-the-art database — allowing you to perform powerful customer segmentation and trigger actions based on those segments.

Send real-time sales alerts, create always up-to-date custom audiences for social advertising, and even personalize your website.

Alpha customers have been calling it “God Mode” for marketers.

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One of the most powerful features of X is the real-time Facebook custom audience sync.

Create perfect audiences of leads, existing customers, and your total known audience.

This is great for customer and employee suppression, cross-sell targeting, re-engagement and building audiences based on Salesforce data.

“We're talking three and a half times better match rate with Clearbit X. So our ability to connect with our customers in a non-email channel is pretty incredible.”

Kyle Gesuelli VP Growth and Analytics,

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