Account Prioritization

Act instantly on target account engagement

Know when key accounts visit your website and create automated workflows to engage them at the right time, with the right message.

Instant Sales Alerts

Clearbit powers the world's fastest-growing companies

Focus sales on ideal prospects ready to buy

The fastest way to revenue is focusing your sales resources on target accounts demonstrating intent. Clearbit Audiences helps you monitor and act on engagement from accounts that matter.

Launch air cover advertising for outbound

Real-time audiences to monitor buying intent

Filter on 100+ company attributes to create audiences for key market segments, industries, territories, or anything else that’s important to your business. Know which accounts visit your website and the actions they take, instantly.

Data-driven Prospecting

Alerts to fit your team’s workflow

Send alerts in Slack, Salesforce, or email with all the context reps need to tailor conversations and provide value to key accounts. No noise, no lag.

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Sales Alerts workflows

Rich prospect data, right where you need it

Build target account lists within Clearbit, or Salesforce, and then generate contacts that match your buyer persona. From there, you can set up automatic outbound sequences to engage prospects right when they're most engaged.

Prospect directly in Salesforce

Flexible rules to match your needs

Let Customer Success know when an upcoming renewal visits, alert Sales when a closed lost account visits the pricing page, or notify account owners when engagement is surging. The options are endless, the power is yours.

Sales Alerts rules and targeting

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"We use Clearbit to support our outbound sales because of the level of detail and accuracy their tools provide."

Arvind Ramesh

Sales Operations, Intercom

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"We use a lot of Clearbit firmographic data to make that outbound account selection choice: Do I work this account or not?"

Nick Erdenberger

Director of Revenue Operations and Analytics, Heap

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"Finally, I can slice and dice audiences on Facebook and then max out spending on them — right up to that point where they're aware of us but not annoyed at us."

James Yu

Director of Demand Generation, Airbase

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