Google Sheets

Automated lead gen and research in Google Sheets

Anyone working in marketing or sales knows how brutal manual list building can be. We think it should be automated.

Clearbit lets you build highly targeted lead lists - all without leaving Google Sheets. Go from a blank page to a full list of leads in seconds.

Search for companies

Search for the perfect accounts with highly targeted criteria, from company size to tech used to funding raised

Find contacts

Find the contact details of the perfect person at each company, with just a title or name.

Enrich contacts

Reveal person or company information from emails and domains, and get the context you need to close the deal.

Discover new accounts

Use any of over 30 criteria to build hyper-focused lists of companies that match your customer profile in an instant. Whether you're selling to venture funded companies that use Salesforce in New York or doing research on non-profits in Canada with 50+ employees, we've got you covered.

Prospect for contacts

You've found the perfect organizations, now use the Prospector tab to find the perfect contacts. Quickly generate a list of email addresses, and never waste hours prospecting by hand again.

Enrich your leads

Take your shiny new list of contacts and turn them into fully enriched profiles. Add social, location, employment, and firmographic data to your lead list. Use the data to segment communication, qualify and route leads, or import directly into a CRM to save on data entry.


  • Discover 500 new companies each month
  • Prospect 150 new leads each month
  • Enrich 500 leads each month

$129 / month