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What I wished I’d known when building our attribution model

Over the years, Clearbit has built a powerful attribution model that provides a single view of its customers and their journeys, revealing lead behaviors across all its marketing channels and products. But it didn’t come to be without some missteps and lessons learned.

Building our attribution model

Modern Marketing Analytics

In this detailed chapter from Clearbit’s Data-Driven Marketing book, you’ll find real marketing attribution models, funnel metrics, and analytics stacks at some of today's best B2B SaaS companies.

Modern Marketing Analytics

Clearbit’s marketing attribution model: how we built a single view of our customers

Analytics tools never quite capturing the full picture? Data scattered across various marketing channels? Tough to know what’s working, what you should improve, and where to reinvest your budget in the future? If you answered yes to any of the above, learn how Clearbit solved these problems.

Marketing attribution model

Top use cases

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Over 180 integrations at your fingertips

With Segment's pre-built integrations, adding fully enriched person and company information to your favorite tools is as easy as flipping a switch. No more complex, time-consuming implementations. It just works.

Transform how your team sells

Say goodbye to time spent with unqualified buyers. Access the data you need to automatically prospect, engage, and qualify the high-fit leads your sales team is ready and eager to close.

Transform signups into complete user profiles.

With just a few clicks, automatically add person and company data to every identified user into Segment and then push that data out to 180+ integrations.

"Clearbit helps us focus on what actually matters. We believe in running a highly efficient demand engine, which is ICP-first, based on high-intent, data-driven, and completely devoid of vanity metrics. Without Clearbit, this approach would have been just a theory on paper."


Sr. Marketing Manager, Chargebee

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"Personalizing for enterprise visitors was a huge bonus we could only pull off with Clearbit's ability to tie a visitor to their account and firmographic details. Being able to plug in Clearbit with Optimizely and our website was a game changer."

Lauren Baideme

Director of Digital Marketing, Greenhouse

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Lauren Baideme

"We use Clearbit to support our outbound sales because of the level of detail and accuracy their tools provide."

Arvind Ramesh

Sales Operations, Intercom

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Arvind Ramesh

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