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Send all your signups into Slack

The Clearbit Slack integration transforms each new email signup into a complete user profile, enriching your customer understanding, and delivering that data directly to Slack where your team can take action.

Identify potential new customers

Each enriched user profile includes their individual details, as well as complete company intelligence, allowing your team to immediately identify high value prospects and easily assess trends in new user signups.

Data from the source

We search hundreds of data sources in real-time for every contact, so you get the most comprehensive, up-to-date profile possible.

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Over 100 unique data points

Enrichment transforms each new email or domain into a complete person or company profile, enriching your customer understanding, and giving your team the context necessary to take action.

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Smart Slash Commands

Built-in slash commands help you find new contacts and research people or companies on the fly.

To instantly enrich an email or domain, use the lookup command.

/clearbit lookupalex@clearbit.com

Need a specific email contact? Use the Clearbit prospect command to find any ubsiness contact with just a company domain and a role.

/clearbit prospectsegment.com sales

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