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Wistia is a video hosting and analytics company that makes it easy for marketers to track and analyze their online video viewers.

Their diverse customer base, including everyone from Cirque de Soliel to Cushman & Wakefield, are able to integrate video into campaigns across any marketing channel while monitoring and increasing conversion rates with built-in analytics and marketing tools.

The Challenge

Wistia's audience is broad - basically, any company concerned with keeping an audience engaged with a website or video. In the early days, it was easy to keep track of their customers and identify sources of traction, but as Wistia grew, they found that they needed a better way to determine who their ideal customers really were in order to make effective marketing and advertising decisions.

The Solution

The team at Wistia immediately saw the value of Clearbit's API and integrated to learn more about their customers and build startlingly effective inbound and outbound marketing campaigns.

1. To determine who their customer really was, team Wistia ran their existing database through Clearbit's Enrichment API. With a bit of analysis, they were able to create several specific customer profiles. Now, each lead that comes in is automatically enriched and placed in a persona.

2. With inbound handled, they turned their attention to optimizing their advertising and marketing efforts, and did something rather clever. They looked at all of their content and pulled a list of customers who converted after viewing each piece, and using Clearbit, pulled Twitter handles for each. With these highly targeted handles, they were able to use the tailored audience feature in Twitter's ad platform to identify and advertise to similar users.

The Result

Wistia quickly discovered that they didn't just have 2-3 key markets like they thought, but actually 20-30 distinct markets ranging from medical to marketing. With new-found insight, they were able to build more personal emails and communications to convert more users into customers, while forging a deeper rapport.

Their brilliant approach of using Clearbit to accurately target twitter users in their content marketing strategy resulted in a huge 250% increase in click-throughs.

Wistia provides video hosting and analytics for business.

SaaS · Video · Sales and Marketing · Small and Medium Businesses
Use Case
Integrated Clearbit into inbound and outbound sales/marketing processes
Identification and segmentation of ideal customers, 250% increase in click-throughs

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Clearbit helps us shorten forms, customize live chat, and enrich data for our sales team. It's quickly becoming the gold standard in the data intelligence space.
Jason Yang
SVP Business Operations, Dialpad
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