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Mention used Clearbit to increase signup conversion by 54%

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Enrichment, Forms

Use cases

Data Enrichment, Form Optimization

The Challenge

The growth team at Mention needed to increase signup conversions and improve lead qualification.

Led by VP of growth Guillaume Cabane, the team came up with a hypothesis that they could use the Clearbit Enrichment API to improve both at the same time. So, they put together an experiment to test it.

The Solution

The first challenge was to increase signup conversion, and Guillaume suspected that the number of required fields on his signup form was causing drop-off. Since the Clearbit Enrichment API can take an email and return just the data the rest of the form needed, he set up the integration to fill out the rest of the form auto-magically after an email is submitted.

The second challenge was to increase the quality of leads. In addition to the data they plug into the signup form, those API requests return all sorts of rich data about new signups. With knowledge about everything from company size, funding, and job title, Guillaume can qualify leads on the fly, and get the best potential customers in the hands of the sales team immediately.

The Result

How did the experiment impact the top of the funnel? "It increased signup conversion by 54%. Huge."

And what about improving lead quality? “With the Clearbit integration, all of our leads are automatically enriched, assigned, and ready to call. It’s great.”


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