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Bugsnag helps software teams ship applications with confidence by giving them actionable insights into crashes. They are relied on by some of the world’s fastest growing and most innovative companies - Square, GitHub, Mashable, Goodreads, Buffer, Heroku (and thousands more).

The Challenge

The development team at Bugsnag is extremely proactive in automating their redundant tasks so that they can focus on the important things. CEO, James Smith, wanted to make sure that the same principles were applied to the marketing and sales side of the business. He found it was taking each member of his team 2+ hours a day to research inbound leads. That opportunity cost was simply too great, so he turned to Clearbit.

The Solution

Turns out that the business intelligence his team needed could be found with a simple API call to Clearbit. Instead of allocating developer resources to create a complex toolset, James quickly built an integration between Bugsnag’s internal admin panel and Clearbit - himself.

In just a few minutes, he put together a tool that allows anyone with admin access on Bugsnag to hover over an account name and access their key indicators in a simple tooltip.

He's even open-sourced his solution on Github!

The Result

In a time-saving record, James wrote 29 lines of code in just a few minutes that cut the team’s research time down by 84%. What once took each account manager 2+ hours per day, now takes only twenty minutes!

Bugsnag provides automatic crash detection for web and mobile apps

SaaS · B2B · Analytics · Developer Tools
Use Case
Integrated Clearbit into their admin panel for instant customer insight
84% reduction in lead research time for account managers

See why the world’s best companies use Clearbit to become truly data-driven.

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Clearbit helps us shorten forms, customize live chat, and enrich data for our sales team. It's quickly becoming the gold standard in the data intelligence space.
Jason Yang
SVP Business Operations, Dialpad
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