The complete guide to sales & marketing – the Wiki

The world of sales and marketing has changed. Smile and dial, steak dinners, untargeted email blasts, and dry whitepapers – all artifacts of the past.

Your potential customers do their research before talking to sales, and they can find out about competitors with a quick Google search.

This has created a huge shift towards personalization and targeting. With this shift comes terms like sales automation, conversion rate optimization, product qualified leads, and business intelligence. Understanding, and utilizing, these concepts is now a requirement for everyone in sales or marketing.


Introducing the Sales & Marketing Stack Wiki

At Clearbit, we get questions all the time regarding how sales managers and marketing managers can bring automation and data into their efforts. That’s why our team hand-picked a collection of articles, guides, and resources that will show you everything that modern sales and marketing entails. These tips can help everyone from a marketing director at a software company to founder of a small business, to an individual sales rep.

#1 Sales Automation & CRM

No company will doubt the necessity of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, but how do you set it up and use it effectively? The Wiki includes various articles on the use-cases for your CRM system, guides to setting it up for scale, and methods on ensuring your CRM data is up-to-date and accurate.

#2 Marketing Automation

There is a lot of fluff surrounding how marketing campaigns can be automated and why they should be. The Wiki clarifies the myths and facts surrounding marketing automation, and shows you how a successful inbound marketing system can embrace automation. This includes outlining popular tools and strategies from marketing leaders like Hubspot and Marketo.

#3 Marketing B.I. & Analytics

The rising need for collecting and analyzing data fortunately also brought a series of tools and systems that ensure that even small companies with limited resources can be data-driven. The Wiki provides a number of guides on what your sales team and marketing team should be tracking, and the tools you need to do so.

#4 Personalization + Optimization

Customizing outreach based on industry, job function, or currency can yield a 5x increase in conversions on potential customers. In the Wiki, you’ll find a series of techniques to improve conversion rates, quick wins with personalization, and the tools you can use to get there.


#5 Email Marketing

Despite the rise of social media and other mediums, email remains to be the backbone of communicating with leads and customers. A segmented nurture campaign can yield a conversion rate that’s 250% higher than normal. The Wiki contains guides on how to build email newsletters, improve email performance (open/click rates), and other best practices.

#6 Demand Generation

It’s hard to complain about new leads - except when they’re low quality or costly to acquire. The Wiki reviews what is wrong with most demand generation strategies and what you need to know to keep your efforts lean and effective.


Armed with the resources found in the Wiki, you can be confident in any improvements you make to your marketing and sales strategies. You’ll find that beginning to automate your systems, track and utilize data, and manage new tooling is easier than you expected.

Please give us your honest feedback on how you found the Wiki, and what else you want to see included!

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