Announcing Clearbit Connect

Featuresby Alex MacCaw on April 07, 2016

Today, we're proud to launch Clearbit Connect [], a free extension that surfaces actionable information on the people who email you (including company details) directly alongside your emails in Gmail. Better yet - Connect also lets you find any business email address instantly, even if the person isn't in your address book. Enriching Gmail Whenever you open a conversation in Gmail, or hover over an email, we'll search through hundreds of sources from around the web i

How to use Clearbit’s APIs without writing code

Featuresby Andrew O'Neal on March 09, 2016

Even if you’re a developer, it can be nice to use an API out-of-the-box without writing code. Fortunately, you have several options to do this with Clearbit. Whether you’re trying to build target account lists, find leads, or enrich customer data in Salesforce, you can do it without getting too technical. Here are a few ways to get started: Tray [] is a new business that builds connectors between popular apps and APIs. They have a slick drag-and-drop interface for integ

Integrating Clearbit &

Featuresby Matt Sornson on March 01, 2016

Strategic drip campaigns are table-stakes for product marketing in 2016. Some people will sign up for your product and start paying you money without any hand-holding, but most are looking to you as a tour guide to help them navigate your offerings and become customers. Getting started with drip campaigns is fairly straightforward – it can as simple as a series of 4-5 emails that go out over about a week after someone signs up. The best approach tends to be to vary the messaging and positioni

Dig deeper with these powerful new Company API attributes

Featuresby Amit Vasudev on March 01, 2016

We’re constantly striving to make Clearbit a better, more reliable product for the hundreds of businesses that use our APIs. This effort involves adding data sources, machine-learning algorithms, and other behind-the-scene improvements, as well as expanding upon the data our APIs return. Here are a few attributes we’ve recently added, and a bit about how you might use them. (See a full list of Company API attributes [] and go to y

Level up your welcome emails with our new Role attribute

Marketing & Growthby Matt Sornson on January 28, 2016

Every SaaS app in the world sends out welcome emails. Some are awesome, some are not. Last spring we reached the point where we could no longer manually send customized welcome emails. However, we really didn't like the idea of sending the same bland generic email to all of our new users. We have three distinct user types (engineering, marketing, and sales), and using the same language and call to action seemed like such a waste. Luckily we found a solution in our own data. We built a relativel

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