Open Graph Logo spec

Featuresby Alex MacCaw on October 26, 2015

When we initially launched the free company logo API [] in June it got quite the reception, trending #1 on Product Hunt and Hacker News for the day. Since then we've served up over 30 million logos and had incredible companies like Segment and Marketo integrate it directly into their products. <img src="//" /> We've been hard at work improving the API [], data quality, and coverage. Today I'm happy to anno

Clearbit <3 Slack

Featuresby Harlow Ward on June 25, 2015

Clean beautiful customer data. Now in Slack. We use Slack [] as our go-to team communication platform. For us it trumps email, phone, and often in-person meetings. We just love the openness and async nature of it. Since we're already spending so much time in Slack it made sense to take some of our notification emails and pipe them into Slack. Historically when a customer signed up for a free trial we'd push the data to [] and send out a

Company Tech Tags

Engineeringby Alex MacCaw on June 17, 2015

I'm happy to announce we've released a new data attribute for our Company API - technology tags. These tags represent the technology stack and products used by a company. This can be quite handy. We love instantly knowing whether a new signup comes from a business that already leverages cloud technology or not. In addition, it helps us be more targeted with messaging as to our prebuilt integrations (ex. someone uses Salesforce). For example the tech tags for [] s

Node bindings and more

Featuresby Alex MacCaw on October 20, 2014

I'm excited to share another raft of Clearbit features that we've shipped over the last week. Node bindings Along with our Ruby bindings [] for Clearbit, we now have Node bindings []. These use a promise based API to asynchronously lookup people and companies via Clearbit. You can see an example of how to use the API below. var clearbit = require('clearbit')('API_KEY'); var Person = clearbit.Person; Person.find({email:

Announcing Mailmatch

Featuresby Alex MacCaw on September 21, 2014

We're excited to announce Mailmatch [], a service for getting social data from your email lists. Simply upload an email list, either by pasting a bunch of emails or by using our Mailchimp integration, and we'll search publicly available information from all over the social web to augment your email marketing list with Facebook handles, Twitter followers and much more. [] As well as the information below, we also offer a CSV download containing many mor

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