Data enrichment explained (with examples)

enrichmentby Alex Ross on October 18, 2022

Data enrichment can be a powerful tool in several industries, but it has particularly become a staple in B2B. Here’s a look at how data enrichment is used to drive efficient growth in B2B companies.

Building a data-driven martech stack that drives revenue

Marketing & Growthby Scott Strand on February 11, 2022

Data is essential in marketing, but it comes down to how you're using it. Find out how to approach building a modern martech stack that drives revenue.

5 ways Clearbit improves conversion quality through the funnel

Marketing & Growthby Sara Yin on May 21, 2020

How can you use Clearbit to convert not just more, but better, leads? Here are our 5 favorite tactics.

Batch Enrichment

Featuresby Alex MacCaw on September 19, 2016

Often, our customers have one-off non-recurring needs for email & domain Enrichment. Since our plans have always been month-to-month, up to now the answer has been to sign up for a month of Enrichment - not exactly optimum. Today, we've launched Batch Enrichment. If you sign into your Clearbit dashboard [] you'll notice a new Batch option in the menu. Batch allows users to upload a CSV of emails or domains to Batch, pay a one-off charge, and download a CSV list of enri

Guillaume Cabane on the secret to Mention's 54% increase in signup conversions

Marketing & Growthby Matt Sornson on February 24, 2016

As VP of Growth at Mention [], Guillaume Cabane’s job was distilled to two key performance indicators (KPIs): increase the number of signups, and increase the quality of inbound sales leads. One day, he came up with an afternoon experiment that he thought might improve both of these core KPIs simultaneously by leveraging the Clearbit Enrichment API. How did it go? “Integrating Clearbit was the biggest impact investment of anything we’ve done to date," he said. "It increase

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