Clearbit <3 Salesforce AppExchange

Today, we're excited to announce our long awaited debut on the Salesforce AppExchange! Since it's launch in March, our Salesforce integration has become a favorite with customers, and now it can be downloaded and managed without leaving your Salesforce account.

In a nutshell, the integration automatically enriches your SFDC leads and contacts with actionable intel from Clearbit (title, location, social handles, employee count, total funding, etc.), so your sales team can target leads more effectively while spending less time researching.

The data can be surfaced in a custom Visualforce Widget (below), and/or directly into standard and custom Salesforce fields.

As part of the launch, we asked some of our customers to review the app, and were thrilled by the response.

New Additions

Along with our release, we've added several new updates to the package -

  • Better Permissions Control - Now Salesforce Admins can assign specific access to the integration.
  • New Fields - Google rank, company phone, industry classifications, and individually parsed location fields are now included.
  • Mapping to Default Fields - We can now overwrite any field with a value of [[unknown]]. This is particularly useful when you don't have a valid value for the required Company field and would like us to overwrite it.

This is just the beginning, we have a lot more planned for the integration in the coming months.

To read more reviews and download the integration, head on over to our AppExchange listing, or click on over to to learn more.

**PS.** If you're looking to backfill your existing Salesforce database, [shoot us a note]( We can help with that!