Sales Alerts: Notify your sales team when a promising lead visits your website

Imagine you’re a sales rep and one of your target accounts hasn’t shown interest for months. One day, they quietly visit your company’s homepage, followed by the product pages and the pricing page...

Wouldn’t you want to know?

Use sales alerts to find out when a target account visits your website—or when a new prospect that meets all the right criteria swings by. Most B2B web traffic is anonymous, so you can first identify visitors with Clearbit Reveal, using their IP address to look up the company name and website, before triggering that alert.

Typically, you have to wait until a prospect types their email into a form to know that they’ve been poking around. But with Reveal connected to sales alerts, reps get a notification long before the prospect downloads a whitepaper. This is important because most of a B2B purchase decision is complete before a new lead even talks to sales, yet sales conversations remain influential in the buying process. Unveiling anonymous traffic lets you detect a prospect’s interest earlier in the buyer cycle, and sales alerts lets you act on that information immediately.

Let’s take a look at how B2B companies Tealium, Drift, and Outreach use Clearbit and sales alerts to get a head start on conversations with their website visitors.

Outreach closes more deals

At Outreach, the demand gen team uses the Reveal API to notify AE’s and SDR’s when anonymous prospects visit their website. This helps them quickly set up meetings with existing accounts and identify new accounts in the flow of anonymous web traffic.

They use business rules to filter and route the notifications, asking things like:

  • Which company just visited our site?
  • Do they already have an account in Salesforce?
  • Are they a customer or a prospect?
  • Is there an open opportunity?
  • Do they fit our ideal target profile?
  • Which AE and/or SDR are responsible for this account?

If the visitor has an account in Salesforce and meets the criteria, the system will notify the assigned SDR and AE on Slack within one second. Here’s an example of an alert:

Outreach Sales Alerts

This alert for an AE includes the name and logo of the visiting company, a link to their account in Salesforce, a link to their website, the number of potential users, the account status, and the AE responsible. It also mentions which SDR was alerted so they can work together to reach out.

If an opportunity is already open, only the AE is notified—and the alerts stop when a prospect becomes a customer. A rep gets an alert just once per day per account and can mute that company if it’s not interesting to him/her.

And if a website visitor doesn’t have an account in Salesforce? “We send that account to our data specialist team with the information Clearbit provides,” says Dan Ahmadi, Outreach’s Director of Demand Gen. Outreach’s lead list grows overnight by harnessing the anonymous web traffic that flows through.

Cross-departmental communication at Tealium

Tealium uses Clearbit to break down departmental silos via data-powered Slack messages.

Tealium implemented Reveal data into their Google Analytics instance and turned their once-anonymous traffic into a detailed view of companies’ onsite behavior. Elena Hill, Tealium’s Digital Programs Manager, knew that the company data she found in her reporting would greatly benefit her sales and account management teams.

With limited Google Analytics logins, Elena turned to Tealium’s customer data platform, AudienceStream, to create a scalable way to share this visitor data with her organization. “I wanted to bridge the gap,” Elena says, “and help our teams tailor outreach and conversations based on a company’s onsite behavior.”

Her process was simple: she set up a number of Slack channels based on Tealium’s regional sales territories. Today, as soon as visitors hit a page on, their profile is enriched by Clearbit’s company and location data, and they are placed into an audience based on location.

AudienceStream pushes the company name and page URL to Slack via an API connector. Tealium teams now have the ability to see which companies (in their regions) are on the site, and what pages they are looking at.

“My goal was to provide value to the sales teams by using communication methods they are already comfortable with,” said Elena. Using the same audiences, she took it a step further and created Google Docs for each region. This allowed for an aggregated record of a company’s complete history: how many sessions they had on the website, which pages they visited, and how long they spent on each page.

The sales teams can now tailor their conversations with prospects and customers according to the content they viewed on the Tealium site, creating a better interaction experience.

Drift starts sales conversations with G2Crowd review data

Guillaume Cabane, Drift’s VP of Growth, uncovers over 20 leads per day by capturing visitors to Drift’s G2Crowd listing and identifying them with Clearbit Reveal.

G2Crowd is a business software review site, and when someone visits Drift’s listing, the G2Crowd API captures the visitor’s IP address. Clearbit uses the IP address to identify the company and enriche its information; it also goes through a lead scoring system and is checked against Salesforce to see if it already has an account.

If the company is indeed in Salesforce and the scoring system rates them favorably, the appropriate rep gets a Slack notification. These notifications can be filtered to trigger only for companies with more than 250 employees—the sweet spot for Drift’s sales team.

One proven value of this system is that it tells Drift’s sales team when a dormant account wakes up again. In one example, Guillaume noticed that a lead that had been dormant for five months had visited Drift’s G2Crowd page. The increased activity signaled that it may be time to start a conversation again.

Drift Sales Alerts G2 Crowd

Imagine the opportunities that were lost before this workflow was in place. Now, when a key account visits G2Crowd, the right people hear about it.

Clearbit can give every one of your visitors a name—and when you’ve got a name, you’ve got a lead. Don’t lose any more opportunities to anonymity.

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