Our Rapportive replacement (Clearbit Connect) Levels Up 🚀

We launched Connect almost exactly 4 months ago and so far the response has been incredible. Over 40,000 people have installed the extension with just under 400 five-star reviews.

We've received a TON of feature requests (keep 'em coming!), so we thought we'd share two of our favorites that have most recently made it into Connect.

Verified Accounts

From the start we've given people the ability to edit their own profile details by clicking on the double dot icon in the sidebar. We've now upgraded that process to let you auth Connect with any of your social accounts. This lets you claim and verify your personal and work information. Once you've been verified, you'll also see a nifty new check mark on your profile. :)

verified connect profiles

So, if you haven't already verified your account, the GIF below will walk you though it.

verified connect profiles

Live Twitter Feed / One Click Follow

Another super common request was the ability to see your contacts latest tweets, and even follow them without having to leave Gmail.

Now you can auth your Twitter account, and do just that!

verified connect profiles

There are lots of new features we're thinking about next, and we'd love your input. Give us a shout if you have any ideas, or requests. support+connect@clearbit.com