Clearbit + MadKudu Partnership

MadKudu is one of our longest standing relationships. You might have read about how some customers have used our joint use case, like Segment who increased outbound conversions by 200% or Geckoboard who solved an age-old lead quantity problem. While we haven’t made a big deal about announcing our partnership, we realized we can’t keep this to ourselves anymore. Now more than ever, we want to help more companies solve similar problems -- faster and with less resources than their competition.

Have Your Data (Clearbit) and Use It Too (MadKudu)

MadKudu is the best in class lead scoring platform that makes it easy for marketers to pull insights from data, allowing them to deeply understand which prospects are the best fit and most likely to buy -- without needing a PhD in computer science or a team of engineers at their side.

Clearbit plugs in perfectly as the B2B data source for MadKudu users, providing a plethora of both firmographic and demographic data for a laser focused lead scoring approach. Imagine this basic scenario:

  1. When a lead visits your website, Clearbit can identify and pass firmographic attributes to MadKudu via the visitors IP address.
  2. This informs how the MadKudu algorithm scores that lead based on whether or not it meets your ideal customer profile, for example.
  3. To take it one step further, Clearbit also supplies accurate and up to date data about the leads role, which can easily be populated into Salesforce.
  4. MadKudu leverages that data to assign an even more effective lead score.

The best part is that all of this happens instantly thanks to our strong partnership and API integration.

The results? Well, the list is endless as evidenced by the Segment and Geckoboard stories above. Marketing can intercept high quality leads sooner and sales reps spend their time on the leads that are the best fit for your solution, driving greater sales efficiency. Clearbit + MadKudu empowers you to have your data and use it too!