Connect for Microsoft Outlook

Just over a year ago, we launched Clearbit Connect for Gmail, a free email extension that gives you all the power of Clearbit data, right in your inbox. It was something of an experiment for us, but the response has been hugely encouraging and over 180,000 people have used it since.

While many startups tend to choose G Suite / Gmail for their email needs, it turns out that most of the business world still uses Microsoft Exchange or 365. We actually looked at the email records (MX records specifically) of the Fortune 500, and found that only 4% are using G Suite!

One of the most common pieces of feedback we have received over the past year has been.

I love this on my personal Gmail account! When can I have it on my company Outlook account?

Based on this feedback, we’re excited to roll out a new version of Connect, designed specifically for Microsoft Outlook and our business users.

Clearbit Connect for Outlook

Connect for Outlook has all the same features as our Gmail extension. This includes the full Connect sidebar, which shows you both person and company data on everyone you email with, as well as the find an email function which enables you to find any business email address.

With this new release, we’re excited to help new users try Connect and have access to the full set of Clearbit data!

You can learn more and install the Outlook add-in here.