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The data and personalization behind Clearbit's onboarding emails

Company Marketing & Growth by Matt Sornson on

New user onboarding is a particularly ripe moment to do automated outreach on behalf of sales. Here's how we use Clearbit data and personalization to send super-tailored emails.  Read more

Building data into your sales team

Sales by Matt Sornson on

84% of sales leaders say they rely on data, but only 2% claim to have a real grasp of it. So to help you turn data into your sales team's competitive advantage, we're sharing four practical ways to build effective, data-driven selling into the fabric of your company.  Read more

Personalized live chat for B2B SaaS

Sales by Matt Sornson on

How to give your sales team more at bats with high-value site visitors Greeters welcome over one million customers per day at Apple Store doors around the world. The first touch is such an important part of the well-oiled Apple Store machine—which makes double the revenue per square foot  Read more

How to identify anonymous website visitors and personalize your retargeting

Marketing & Growth by Matt Sornson on

Segmentation is a marketing basic. Most B2B companies spend a lot of time tailoring landing page copy, emails, ads, content, and phone calls—and proceed with extra care for high-value prospects. But this rarely extends to retargeting, where the most common approach is to just hit the switch and follow  Read more

Sales Alerts: Notify your sales team when a promising lead visits your website

Sales by Matt Sornson on

Imagine you’re a sales rep and one of your target accounts hasn’t shown interest for months. One day, they quietly visit your company’s homepage, followed by the product pages and the pricing page... Wouldn’t you want to know? Use sales alerts to find out when a  Read more