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How to Transition from

Featuresby Janet Choi on November 14, 2018

If you're looking to replace, combat data decay and bad data quality, and get the best chance to successfully reach the people you need — read on for how Clearbit products can step in.

Reveal geolocation based on site visits

Featuresby Janet Choi on November 01, 2018

Clearbit Reveal already delivers company-level information for your site visitors. But people work and browse from plenty of places outside of their company headquarters. So **we now provide a visitor’s location data**, including city, state, and country.

Automate lead routing to improve speed to lead

Salesby Janet Choi on October 31, 2018

When you automatically prep, qualify, and sort new leads, salespeople can focus on the most important part of the job: talking to promising prospects. Find out how Clearbit and Salesforce come together to bring the power of automation to lead routing, without needing long forms.

How to Build a Competitive Marketing Email Campaign

Marketing & Growthby Janet Choi on October 26, 2018

Better, faster communication is core to a competitive marketing strategy. Find out how Zendesk created a data-driven competitive outbound campaign to reach potential customers with personalized first touches.

How lead scoring speeds up B2B SaaS sales

Salesby Janet Choi on October 11, 2018

When SDRs struggle to keep up with an unrelenting stream of leads, companies turn to automated lead scoring. Here's how companies like Geckoboard and Heap identify the most promising leads to speed up sales teams and increase conversions.

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