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Real-time account based alerting comes to Salesforce

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We're pleased to announce a new addition to our Salesforce suite which makes our integration even more valuable to your team - real-time ABM alerting. Clearbit Reveal for Salesforce For those unfamiliar, Clearbit Reveal takes your anonymous website traffic and uncovers the companies behind it. As of this week, our  Read more

Automating outbound sales: lead generation at scale

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Let's face it, sales reps are always a bottleneck to consistent high-volume conversions. It's not their fault - they're only human after all. Even the best reps are limited to how many high-touch personalized emails they can send in a day. Sure, they can send automated impersonal emails at scale,  Read more

How to measure data quality

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We all want to have perfect and real-time data on our lead and account records. You can setup a proper data management system, have a high standard for data governance, and get the right data integrations, but the biggest roadblock will always be finding the right vendor. There are a  Read more

Simple Lead Scoring and Qualification in Salesforce

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This article is specifically for the Salesforce users out there. For a more general overview on lead qualification, see the modern guide to lead qualification. Salesforce is an ideal place to do lead qualification and scoring as it is typically the system of record and where all lead, contact, and  Read more

5 ways to use Enrichment

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Enrichment is all about automatically discovering customer data, and turning a simple email address (or domain name) into a complete picture of your customer. However, this just skims the surface of what you can do. With access to over 85 data points and plenty of integrations with the tools you  Read more